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Which Dental Crown Procedure is Best Suited to your Teeth?

Your teeth are your prized possession. It would define the overall beauty of your face. You would be surprised to know about the fact that the teeth of the human body could be relatively hard to destroy. However, for some reason, such as unhealthy hygiene and accidents, you may lose your teeth or damage them badly. In case, you were searching for a solution to get your teeth back in proper shape, you should look forward to availing one of the several dental procedures available in the present times. However, you would be required to search for the best procedure to suit your specific needs and budget.

Using the Dental Crown Procedure

The dental crowns or caps would be the relatively popular procedure for patients looking for a solution to rectify their broken or worn-down teeth. The procedure has been specially designed to encase the damaged teeth. It would help you largely in improving the shape, appearance and strength of the teeth along with protecting them from decay.

What are the two Popular Choices available?

In order to make use of dental crowns procedure, you would come across two popular procedures such as:

Restorative dentistry would offer both Zirconia and Emax dental crowns along with improved digital enhancement tools. It would be done to make sure the patient has a positive experience.

The major Difference between the two Procedures

Prior to actually making use either of the two procedures, it would be in your best interest to review the major difference between Zirconia Dental Crowns and Emax Dental Crowns.

  • Durability

Emax crowns have been manufactured from lithium di-silicate ceramic. They encompass the strength of 380-400 mega Pascal.

Zirconia crowns are made using the powder having crystalline properties. They are more powerful with the strength of 800-1200 mega Pascal.

  • Functionality

Despite both types of crowns could improve the appearance of the stained or disfigured tooth, Zirconia crowns are recommended in areas where extra bite would be required.

On the other hand, Emax crowns would be used for numerous applications, but rarely used for partial crown manufacturing needs.

  • Aesthetics

The Zirconia Dental Crowns are available in various shades. It would appear similar to natural teeth because of the slight transparency of its material.

The Emax Dental Crowns would be more translucent. It offers more lifelike appearance without needing a metal alloy base. It would be most suitable for unnoticeable restorative dentistry solution.