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My teenage niece came for a visit during the recent holidays. I was so surprised to find out that makeup is her comfort zone. Finding out is easy and as the days went by, I realized it is actually the best for her! You see, she was one of those quiet, distant kid when she was young. My sister, her mom – was scared that she might have a hard time to cope with teenage blues. The most surprising thing that happened is, she actually became a cheerleader in school. I spoke to her and she told me that there is this one makeup brand that made her life lively and fun! Petite n Pretty is actually made with high-quality makeup. I looked for it and got all excited. I became so interested in their safe makeup too! All the products are proven safe and also pediatrician-approved, dermatologist-approved, and ophthalmologist-approved. Those amazing benefits for teenage girls and moms out there are remarkable! No wonder it is the best teen makeup out there! It’s comforting to know that the owner of this safe kids makeup brand is a mom too and she wants all moms to have the advantage in supporting their children’s dream by letting them explore to develop their creativity.

This safe makeup is not only for kids, tweens, and teens but also adults like me. I fell in love with this makeup the moment I saw them. I have never seen anything like it. All the ingredients are mom-friendly and mom-approved. Moms with teen daughters don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals damaging their daughter’s skin at all because there are no harmful chemicals. I have searched online and I have never seen anything this carefully thought out. The owner made sure that the ingredients are safe. This is the only makeup for teens that has multidimensional pearls who is responsible for that light-catching luminosity that creates a certain sparkle that teen girls are after. They can’t help but put their makeup on, take a selfie and post it on their Instagram! What caught my eye is their Eye and Cheek Palette that has got all the awesome shades! They got unique and cool names too! Have you ever heard of Poolside Bling? Well, it is a holographic lavender with extra pink pearls!

Petite n’ Pretty did not stop there. They also have Sparkle Squad Forever Gift Set! It is a limited edition Pink Pact Gloss Set. This is their newest, deluxe-size shade that has a delicious flavor. My niece loves this and she highly recommends the Deck The Palms Gen Glitter Duo. It is a hair and body glitter that makes you easier to be spotted in the crowd because of its multi-dimensional shades of glitter for hair and body. This is unlike any other because it’s weightless, non-tacky, and super easy to apply with the mess-free custom applicator. It is infused with their signature Cloud Mine scent! I did not hesitate to get these for my other teenage nieces as well! They all deserve to shine and be their own creative selves. They have a bright future and now is the time to show them that they are loved and appreciated for expressing themselves and following their dreams.