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Important Tips for Healthy Hair

Long, lustrous, and thick hair is the dream of every girl. While some women have naturally beautiful hair, some will have to struggle for perfection. Either way, nothing comes without effort, and hair care is a ritual that you have to follow religiously. You may like long hair, short hair, colored hair, curled hair, or straightened hair; the only thing that matters is if it’s healthy or not. Check out The Cuddl for gorgeous hairstyle Ideas. For healthy hair, you need to take care of them like to take care of a pet; it needs food, has to be cleaned well, and treated well too. If you have thick and healthy hair, you can cut it, color it, or style it, as much as you want. This article will help you understand some of the most important things that you got to do if you want healthy and thick hair.

Know your hair

The first and most important thing that you need to know about your hair is the type of your hair. Without understanding the nature of your hair, you won’t be able to use the right products on them. Your hair can be healthy, oily, dry, or very dry. The shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, hair packs, and hair serums that you use should be according to the type of your hair.

Cut regularly

Trim your hair regularly from the ends to eliminate split ends and to ensure healthy growth. Go to a saloon for trimming or cutting and if you’re trying to do it at home, make sure you have the right type of scissors that professionals use; do not cut your hair with paper scissors.

Tie your hair when you sleep

If you have medium to long hair, make braids or plaits and sleep. If you have short hair, tie it at a raised level as a loose pony.

Hair oils and hair packs:

Choose the right hair oil and hair packs for your hair and use them before you shampoo your hair every time. They are food for your hair that becomes dry and dull due to your harsh shampoos, external dust, sweat, and friction. You can use natural items like Aloe Vera, eggs, yogurt, milk, banana, and honey to make awesome hair packs at home.

Eat healthily:

You have to feed your hair from the inside, just the way you feed it from the outside. This means that you should follow a healthy diet and drink a lot of water.

Sleep well:

Good eight hours of beauty sleep is necessary to maintain good hair growth. Lack of sleep can result in terrible hair loss.

Stay away from stress:

Try to meditate and do yoga every day at least for fifteen minutes to relive your body and mind from stress. You can work out, go for a run, and listen to music as well, to reduce stress. Stress can result in hair fall as well.

Wash with cold water only:

Never wash your hair with warm water. Choose a hot bath instead of a hot shower and wash your hair

Hair fall due to hormonal issues:

If you have massive hair fall and nothing is helping you stop it, you may be suffering from hormonal problems. Consult a doctor to get the right medication so that you’re back to your normal phase.